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Rabobank “Project Senses 2016“

Concepts, Interaction Design, Mobile 2014

Rabobank works really hard to create the best User Experience for their customers. In this complex time, where different screens and devices of all sorts and sizes popping up like daisies, it is critical to design towards the future. Rabobank choose Mobtzu to take the Rabobank to the next level and make them future proof.

The concept is to make the service of the Rabobank more personal, more relevant and more accessible. A unique experience that let the Rabobank regain a place in the frontline of digital banking. Mobtzu thought well about different places and contexts where the digital environment will be used. The concept works on desktop, tablet and smartphone, but with the development of the concept, they also anticipated on future implementations for the application. Transparency is therefore an important principle in the concept. This makes the design future proof and so it will work also well with for example Google Glass, a Smart TV or in your heads-up display (eg. The windshield of your car).

My main activity was to translate Mobtzu’s concept to reality. I made high fidelity flowcharts, wireframes with specifications and prototypes to feed the design team and 4 different development teams. My role was a senior User Experience Designer and guided and coached some junior and medior designers. I mainly worked on the BETA version for a specific target group. After the BETA I worked on the main navigation, like the menu’s, navigation for the FAQ’s and the newsfeed.


As the web landscape becomes increasingly complex, it’s becoming extremely important to deliver solid web experiences to a growing number of contexts. Thankfully, responsive web design gives web creators some tools for making layouts that respond to any screen size. We’ll use fluid grids, flexible images and media queries to get the layout looking great regardless of the size of the device’s screen dimensions.

However, mobile context is much more than just screen size. Our mobile devices are with us wherever we go, unlocking entire new use cases. Because we constantly have our mobile devices with us, connectivity can be all over the board, ranging from strong wi-fi signals on the couch to 3G or EDGE when out and about. In addition, touch screens open new opportunities to interact directly with content and mobile ergonomics lead to different considerations when designing layout and functionality.

In order to create a site that’s truly designed for mobile context and not just for small screens, we want to ensure that we tackle the many challenges of mobile development upfront. The constraints of the mobile context force us to focus on what content is essential and how to present that content as quickly as possible. Building fast-loading, optimized experiences mobile first has a trickle down (or up, depending on how you look at it) effect for tablet, desktop and other emerging contexts.

~ Brad Frost (source)

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